Activate Your Superpower

30/   September, 2020

Yes, you have a superpower. Kindness is your superpower. We all collectively share kindness as our superpower. We don’t need a cape or fly to experience or express kindness. We need kindness more than ever in our polarized chaotic world. Science reveals kindness positively impacts individuals while affecting our health, our wellbeing.  Acts of kindness encourage us to continue to pay it forward creating a domino effect. The outcome positively impacts us and our world.

Kindness is Powerful

In today’s climate, kindness is a powerful act that fosters connection to others and ourselves. We aren’t all first responders but we can be “kindness first responders”. Being kind is the one thing I can control to positively impact those around me.  Being kind is not cancelled.

Using my kindness super power is a way to affect positive change. Reaching out to those around me is crucial to maintain the awareness we are all connected. Whether it’s a text, a call, dropping off cookies to friends or providing meals for firefighters, shelter for those in need or giving rides to the voting polls. Any act of kindness makes a difference.

Kindness Matters

We need each other. We need to be reminded we are seen, remembered and cared for. Whatever your act of kindness, the gesture changes how the person feels in that moment, day or while they navigate through these dark times. I speak from experience. During the Pandemic several friends called to check on me, brought me gifts or left “acts of kindness” bags on my doorstep. I was touched beyond words. Their kindness propelled me to pay it forward in a variety of ways. It is so fun to surprise someone, remind them they matter.

Kindness Begins With You

Start with being kind to yourself. Being kind to ourselves ensures we receive our dose of kindness. We can’t control the kindness we receive but we can control how kind we are to ourselves.

My intention is for you, the reader, is to experience the post as an act of kindness from me. I invite you active your kindness superpower today. Together we can raise awareness while enlisting others to use their kindness superpower.

When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world. Harold Kushner

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