The COVID-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the subsequent social unrest have triggered a myriad of emotions in many U.S. workplaces. We aim to align with your business goals during this unprecedented time by providing dynamic sustainable solutions that will increase employee development.  Pivoting, adapting in today’s climate is required. Yet, we pivot again and again, not always developing capacity and resilience. Often resulting in change fatigue, feeling hopeless and unable to fully engage.

Our Process

We are committed to support employees by creating innovative content that fosters self-awareness to ensure sustainable employee development. We collaborate with clients to design an inclusive learning culture. The data mined through implementing surveys informs prescriptive content to design the blending learning experience. When necessary, we will course correct using a variety of change management tools.

Program Content Delivery

We will virtually facilitate and coach teams along with individuals. The Neuroscience research and Harvard’s Professor Amy Edmonson is woven into the content design.  Sample blended learning solutions:

Clients experience successful outcomes due to our process and passion to support employee well being and business growth. How we work with your organization ensures a more compassionate employee with increased self-awareness with the ability to build capacity and resilience that aligns to the business.

Your business and employees require a unique road map with innovative strategies. To ensure successful outcomes we always:

  • Collaborate with clients to custom design programs, coach employees and teams to develop a new desired skill set
  • Our coaching style and virtual programs are not a one size fits all. We support the employee while they learn about themselves and their colleagues using thoughtful inquiry. The intention is for the employee to build resilience while being successful in their role.

We believe meeting the employee where they are ensures we design relevant content that reflects the state of the world will further impact employee development and business growth.